At Andorra Life, we believe in returning to the solutions that have brought people health and wellness for thousands of years.  By pairing the oldest remedies with today’s sophisticated nutritional science, we can deliver the solutions to your most critical health needs with only the highest quality, well-researched and scientifically validated ingredients.

All of our products are made in the USA, at manufacturers who follow or exceed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Each batch of product is tested before and after production to ensure its purity, quality and potency.  With safety and effectiveness as our top priorities, we guarantee what you find in the bottle matches precisely what is printed on the labels. Each and every bottle delivers the results you expect.

Your health is your top priority.  With our innovative, results-driven and above-all safe natural solutions, we guarantee you will soon get back to truly living.

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We name our company after Andorra – the landlocked microstate in Southwestern Europe, bordered by Spain and France.  They have the highest average life expectancy in the world – 84 years.


The word “Andorra” starts with A and ends with A, with a deeper meaning of self-improving, self-restoring, never ending circle of life.  The word “dor” in Andorra is “generation” in Hebrew, we want to help our customers pass down healthy lifestyle from generation to generation.

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We want to leverage our knowledge and abilities to make the entire world a commonplace of healthy life styles.


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Andorra Life has distinct advantages in terms of product research and development.  We have over dozens of top scientists, doctors and pharmacists in our R&D team.  Our products are manufactured using materials used in clinical trials and patient care in top U.S. hospitals and universities.


Here is a list of a few of the hospitals and universities that have used our products with in clinical studies or in patient care:

  • Duke University
  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Tufts University
    Internationally renowned research university, it has the only graduate school of nutrition in North America, with the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
    Top three best children’s hospitals in the U.S., the top one hospital in pediatric cancer treatment
  • Cleveland Clinic
    One of the five largest group practice in America, it is an academic medical center providing patient care services supported by research and education in a nonprofit group practice setting. It has 3,150 staff physicians and scientists work in 130 medical specialties and subspecialties. The Cleveland Clinic health system has 9 regional hospitals, 18 family health centers, and hospital, clinics and offices in Florida, Nevada, Canada and Abu Dhabi
  • Indiana University
  • Columbia University